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THE CHEAPEST PRINTED APPAREL! WE DO EVERYTHING FOR LESS! If you've shopped online for screen printing companies to create shirts for your bar, you've seen all the wild claims.

And now a number of custom apparel websites offer "design-it-yourself" programs, where you use online tools to put together stock graphics then print inexpensive shirts from that.

Cool Bar T-Shirts for Customers and EmployeesRun. Run from both of these ideas as fast as you can.

If you want eye-catching, professional-quality apparel that makes your bar look cool, don't fall into the 'do-it-yourself' design trap. And don't look for the cheap, cheap, cheapest! source you can find because the finished product will look, well, cheap.

The professionals at The Custom Logo Factory create memorable graphic designs, source eye-catching apparel styles, and lay down each custom screen print with care. Affordably. Professionally. In the USA.

We don't force you to do-it-yourself during the all-important design process. We don't race through the print production just to ship stuff out in two days. And we don't use suspect apparel brands just to be the cheapest by a few pennies.

Creating bar T-shirts, sweatshirts, hats and other apparel that people love to wear requires more thought than slapping the bar's logo on the cheapest available shirt. It takes skill and experience to create apparel that generates incremental sales and makes a statement about the bar brand.

If you want well-designed, well-produced custom shirts for your bar, let's discuss your concept, your customers, your employees, your niche. Let's figure out what kind of apparel will sell in your store, what kind of shirts will look good on your waiters and waitresses, and what kind of looks will push your bar's image forward.

Work with The Custom Logo Factory on your bar's apparel and we guarantee you'll love the quality of the finished product, and that the price will be fair, affordable, reasonable. That's our claim.

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